Word on the street: Home-to-work taxi service

May 14, 2017

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Will new taxis dedicated to office-goers encourage people to give up their habit of using personal vehicles?

Azhar al Balushi

Azhar al Balushi, Supervisor

No. It will take a lot of awareness drives to encourage people to give up the habit of using their personal vehicles and switch to shared taxis. The comforts of using a personal vehicle are too many to ignore. The new taxi service is a boon to those who don’t drive.

majid Khuda Baksh

Majid Khuda Baksh, Service manager

People will not stop using personal vehicles unless they are forced or allured to the service with attractive incentives. The new taxi service is a good way to inculcate the habit of car pooling in people.

Naif Al Balushi

Naif al Balushi, Private sector employee

There will be many takers for the new taxi service if the operation is good and economical. This is also a good way to kickstart the trend of carpooling that will help in conserving the environment.

Mohammed Jameel

Mohammed Jameel, Student

Attractive fares are the best way to lure people to try out the new taxi service. Though, it has created some buzz in the market, I am not sure if it will be sustainable.


Abdulrahman al Zadjali, Private sector employee

Muscat is finally getting the much-needed improvement in its taxi services. Though, the new service will be a blessing for those who don’t drive, I am not sure if people will be encouraged to give up the comfort of using their own cars. Mwasalat buses too have helped a lot in giving a facelift to the transportation system in the city.

Syed Aleem

Syed Aleem, Manager

If the service is a hit it will help reduce congestion on roads. To make it popular, the operators should ensure that the services are excellent and cheap. However, it may not be a success in Muscat as most people have their own vehicles and may not give up that comfort for anything else.

Do you think the rates offered by dedicated taxis are on the higher side for office-goers?


Naktal al Khanjari, Procurement department

Yes, the rates are high. They will be feasible only if used on a sharing basis. If the service does strike a chord with the public it will also reduce traffic congestion in the city.

Mario Mascarenhas

Mario Mascarenhas, Audit firm

The rates will be viable only if the service is shared. Getting people who want to travel at the same time and on the same route would also be difficult. So, it’s cheaper for me to use the orange taxis or buses. There are some people who work for the same company and share accommodation. This service would be feasible for them.

Marhoon al saidi

Marhoon al Saidi, Supervisor

I think the prices are quite reasonable. The Omani market currently needs such services that will improve the transportation scene in the capital.

sultan al Rawahi

Sultan al Rawahi, Private sector employee

I think the prices have been set keeping the distance in mind and so, I don’t find them high. The rates depend on fuel prices too that are increasing every month.

Saji Philip

Saji Phillip, Commercial executive

The new taxi service rates are viable only when shared by at least four persons. The service is a good way to get people used to carpooling.

Bilal Ahmed

Bilal Ahmed, Businessman

The rates of the new taxi service are not high if shared. Also, the rates work out quite cheaper when considering the cost of owning and maintaining a car in the country today. With the fuel prices rising every month and other expenses such as service, insurance, registration and fines, personal vehicles are an expensive affair.

Will women-only passenger taxis guarantee safety and encourage more to use them?


Shivali Amin, Homemaker

I think women-only passenger taxis will guarantee safety which is a primary concern for those who travel a lot. I am sure a lot of women will opt for the service.


Siti Noor, Businesswoman

Women-only passenger taxis are the need of the hour. Most women today do not take taxis on a sharing basis as they feel unsafe travelling with men whom they don’t know.


Subashri S, Marketing executive

The service will surely be a success. Yes, the service will not just develop a sense of safety among women travellers but also encourage more to venture out without depending on others.


Kaushalya Herath, Banker

Women-only passenger taxis will encourage more travel and make them more independent. I think most women who do not work are also restricted or confined to their homes because of lack of a proper public transport system in the city.


Dilki Jayasinghe, Student

Travelling will be safer and more secure with the introduction of the service. It will also help women feel more independent as they will not have to depend on their husbands or fathers if they want to go out anywhere.


Ridhi Asher, Private sector employee

The service will ensure safe and comfortable travel for women. It will also save men the hassle of worrying for their female relatives when out for work.

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